10 Hours of Walking in New York

Hollback! video screenshot

Hollback!, a campaign group dedicated to ending street harassment, posted a video recently which aims to highlight the constant advances that some women have to deal with on a daily basis. The footage shows actress Shoshana B. Roberts walking through the streets of New York over a ten hour period and the many approaches she faces from men.

Some of these advances – to which she gives little or no attention – involve little more than a “Hello” or “Good morning”, with obvious underlying intentions, but range from those to the more extreme cases where one man challenges her for ignoring him and another who starts by greeting her but then matches her pace and silently walks next to her, periodically looking in her direction, for around five minutes.

Watch the video and leave a comment in the section below. Is this just something women have to learn to deal with? Is it sexual harassment at all? Is this disgusting behaviour that should be highlighted and stamped out? Is it even as black and white as this and does the truth lie somewhere in the middle?