Angel Olsen – “Unfucktheworld”

Last month I discovered both Angel Olsen and Toronto live music venue Lee’s Palace for the first time. Even though I was initially drawn to Olsen’s throwback Americana – though still visibly modern – style, after seeing her live I was left a little underwhelmed by both the artist and the venue.

“Unfucktheworld”, however, continues to be played in the Cairns household, despite me having to contribute a dollar to the swear jar every time I declare that I’m going to put it on. I love how the lo-fi production as Olsen pours her heart out over some chord progression, then when it is contrasted with some crystal clear vocals layered over the top.

The song is short, most of her songs are, but it works perfectly as an intro track and leads nicely into the fuzzy, garage rock number “Forgiven/Forgotten”.

Baths – “Ocean Death”

Baths are something that are supposed to make you clean. After listening to the first two minutes of “Ocean Death”, however, you feel dirty, grimy. And there’s something emerging from it, growling repetitively while its tangible odour makes the walls drip and peel. To add to chilling atmosphere, a female ‘la la la’ fades in then begins to sing about oceans and graveyards.

Listen to before your morning shower.

Ought – “Today, More Than Any Other Day”

At the end of last month Montréal-based, post-punk outfit Ought released a debut record that suggest their influences include a wide-range of artists from Jonathan Richmond to Gang of Four. This is not the case as the quartet has already admitted that they were unaware of the music of most of the comparisons made of them thus far.

Nonetheless, comparisons will ensue and “Today, More Than Any Other Day” starts like something from Slint’s Spiderland before shifting into a post-punk frenzy within which lead singer Tim Beeler adds his dramatic, and sometimes manic, vocals, asking the audience to take out reading material before declaring that today he is more prepared than ever to get his groceries in.

Check out the song and its new video here: