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Liars – Pro Anti Anti

Dance-punk. It just sounds amazing, doesn’t it? The Liars have made a Mess and as the cover suggests it’s colourful, it’s bright and it’s bold. It’s also a bit wacky and a bit weird. The Liars have evolved like no other through six albums so far and this more impulsive set of tracks is the perfect antidote to the darker, more considered WIXIW, their previous release.

“Pro Anti Anti” is the fourth track taken from Mess and the first four bars will prick up your ears and have your neck rocking but, before given time to settle, Liars hit the listener with a banging club anthem with frontman Angus Andrew belting out cryptic mantras.

“Pro Anti Anti” is taken from Liars’ studio album Mess which was released in March of this year via Mute and deserves your attention.

Gruff Rhys – Iolo

The current state of the music industry requires, more and more, that recording artists find new ways to market their releases and engage their audience. Gruff Rhys, who recently released the album American Interior, came up with the concept of an accompanying book, PowerPoint presentation and even a mobile application after finding inspiration from tracing his ancestral history.

The former Super Furry Animals frontman discovered that a distant ancestor and explorer, John Evans, had set off across the Atlantic to search, in vain, for a Welsh-speaking tribe on the North American continent. Rhys spent months retracing the steps of Evans, writing material as he went along, with American Interior the final product.

The album, Rhys’s first as a solo artist, was released via Turnstile last month.

Sun Kil Moon – “Dogs”

The next time we are plunged into the depths of winter and people start going about their annual obsession with putting their favourite releases into ordered lists, Sun Kil Moon’s Benji will surely find itself towards the top of many.

On the album, the now San Francisco-based musician – also known as Mark Kozelek – reaches a lyrical peak in his career to set to his unique singer-songwriter style. While laying out his barest emotions for the listener, Kozelek manages to be philosophical and profound without being verbose, which is partially down to the sheer sincerity in his vocal delivery.

For an album whose theme is composed largely of death to those close to him, Kozelek is somehow able to add humorous spots into an otherwise heart-wrenching album. “Dogs” is one of the more light-hearted moments on the record – though it still contains some painful memories for the author – and is a perfect example of his ability as a master songwriter, containing some excellent lines and verses describing his sexual history.

How can you not love a song that begins with the verse:

‘Katy Kerlan was my first kiss
I was only five years-old and she hit me with her purse
I had braces on my legs and I almost fell down
And from that day moving forward I’ve been petrified of blondes.’

“Dogs” is taken from the album Benji, which was released via Caldo Verde Records: