An Industry Unable to Keep Up With Itself


In this extended piece from Consequence of Sound, Chris Colpan addresses the rapid changes within the music industry and its own unfamiliarity of how to adapt to them. He also argues that the trial and error methods currently in operation are not necessarily a bad thing as a dated industry finds its feet on more unfamiliar terrain. However, the real ingenuity is coming from the artists themselves – both Jack White and Beyoncé are cited as examples – while the labels and PR companies and journalists lag behind.

“Doing things like releasing singles via billboards and streaming albums from outer space may not be the saving grace of their profession, but trying these methods out is the only way to figure out what will work. That’s a beautiful attitude to have, one that makes it seem like things might be OK, even if we’re not any closer to a “solution.” As twisted as this sounds, the fact that people are scared enough to embrace things outside the norm actually fills me with a sense of hope.”

“Now, we live in a world where all that certainty, that sense of “one size fits all” promotional ploys, no longer exists, and practically every new album or project requires its own fresh set of ideas. It’s scary, but that whole “trial by fire” deal only breeds creativity and weens people off the old teet of safe and boring. With nothing stable under their feet, they’re forced to continually reinvent the parameters of their work, embracing freshness and excitement over, well, not having a job.”

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