Craig Cairns

Scotsman. Philosophy graduate now soaking up Toronto after a brief relationship with Montréal. Former podcaster and contributor to various fitba' and music websites. I hate Billy Bob Thornton too.

Black Friday at Asda

What Happened to my country?!

When I left the UK over two and a half years ago, Black Friday was nothing more than the last Friday before Christmas...

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Eli Roth video

Censorship in Music Videos

Earlier this week footage from an Eli Roth-directed video emerged of Lana Del Rey being sexually assaulted. In the...

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Domestic Abuse chart

Why Free Speech is Not Absolute

There have been some who have claimed that Julien Blanc – self-proclaimed pickup artist and dating coach - should not...

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The Real Problem With PUAs

Tired of being shunned by every woman you try to chat to? Ever wish there was a fool-proof, systematic approach telling...

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Ought - Habit

Songs of 2014: Ought – Habit

Is it too early to call my favourite song of 2014?

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Peaches Geldof - Katie Hopkins

Celebrity Troll

If disrespecting the dead or gaining weight just to taunt people didn't already cement Katie Hopkins's status as the...

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Screenshot (113)

Songs of 2014: Wild Beasts – Wanderlust

Where 2011's Smother saw Wild Beasts strike the perfect balance between their flamboyant creativity and suggestive...

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Hollback! video screenshot

10 Hours of Walking in New York

Hollback!, a campaign group dedicated to ending street harassment, posted a video recently which aims to highlight the...

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Liars - Pro Anti Anti

Songs of 2014: Liars – Pro Anti Anti

Liars may not be to everyone's taste, especially given their evolution from experimental post-punk, through flirtations...

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Timber Timbre - Hot Dreams

Songs of 2014: Timber Timbre – Hot Dreams

We're approaching that time of year when everybody starts to exercise their desire to compile this year's music into a...

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