Toula Drimonis

Toula Drimonis is a Montreal based freelance writer, editor, and translator, who worked as a News Director for over a decade before deciding she wanted to strike out on her own and dabble in a variety of projects closer to her heart.
She has a love for Leonard Cohen and New Orleans that borders on the obsessive, and thinks that life without coffee, music, good books and good wine would be a questionable affair.
Her freelance written work has appeared in The Tyee, Huffington Post, PolicyMic,, J-Source, and Le Journal de Montréal. She has worked on TV, and now is a frequent collaborator on CJAD, Montreal's #1 English talk radio.
She's inquisitive, loves debating, and -- much to her mom's chagrin-- extremely foul-mouthed.
An ardent feminist and self-professed political junkie, she keeps close tabs on the news and likes to call out bullshit.
She has strong opinions. She likes to share them.


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Rêveurs définitifs is pure magic

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Cameroonian author Imbolo Mbue, is being honoured with The Blue Metropolis Words to Change Prize ($5,000 to an author whose work upholds the values of intercultural understanding and social inclusion) for her debut novel Behold the Dreamers.

Women front and centre at this year’s Blue Metropolis Literary...

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