Toula Drimonis

Toula Drimonis is a Montreal based freelance writer, editor, and translator, who worked as a News Director for over a decade before deciding she wanted to strike out on her own and dabble in a variety of projects closer to her heart.
She has a love for Leonard Cohen and New Orleans that borders on the obsessive, and thinks that life without coffee, music, good books and good wine would be a questionable affair.
Her freelance written work has appeared in The Tyee, Huffington Post, PolicyMic,, J-Source, and Le Journal de Montréal. She has worked on TV, and now is a frequent collaborator on CJAD, Montreal's #1 English talk radio.
She's inquisitive, loves debating, and -- much to her mom's chagrin-- extremely foul-mouthed.
An ardent feminist and self-professed political junkie, she keeps close tabs on the news and likes to call out bullshit.
She has strong opinions. She likes to share them.

Immigrants at Ellis Island. (credit:

Nobel Prize winners or not, immigrants have always given more than...

Immigration is not a benevolent and magnanimous service, it’s not charity bestowed upon inferior foreigners with...

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FMA final pic

How Joe Piazza sold himself on success

“On January 4, I woke up, put on a suit, (even though I was working out of a second bedroom in my condo, because I...

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Two-time Olympic paddler Tamas Buday Jr. taking in a practice run with his SUP board in Hudson. (Photo credit: Mony Sy)

Greater Montreal Outrigger Challenge to make a splash in local waters

Not only is the GMOC event a unique opportunity to see surf-skis, outriggers, and increasingly popular SUPs, it’s...

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Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew and the Mystery of CBS’s Sad Sexism

It would appear that in top-secret Hollywood boardrooms where well-heeled and well-connected TV executives make...

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Last Night at the Gayety

Last Night at the Gayety an entertaining look back at Montreal’s...

Last Night at the Gayety is also about breaking free of conventions and surroundings, religious moralizing, and...

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Photo Credit: Cat Around Films

The Empty Yellers: ‘Our identity isn’t based on the fact...

"My mom can't resist suggesting I go back to school every week or so, but she loves the music enough to overlook the...

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Quebec has as much right to oppose Energy East as western provinces...

Transfer payments are a system put in place to help guarantee "reasonably comparable levels" of health care, education,...

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The Myth of the Silenced White Man

If it’s mainly white men who shape and control the news, who are in front of the cameras, behind the mics in talk...

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Butcher: a thrilling whodunit you shouldn’t miss!

Butcher is such a nail-biter, such a fast, slick, funny, and effortless-to-watch whodunit, it begged the Globe & Mail...

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Concerned about Syrian refugees entering Canada? You should read this.

Police immediately started investigating to find out who the terrorists were. ISIS quickly claimed responsibility. A...

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