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Willie Nelson

Montreal’s Folk Fest celebrates its 10-year anniversary

If you've never been to the Folk Fest, you're missing out. It's one of the most chill summer events a city already...

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Time to get your Fringe on, Montreal!

The Fringe Festival is quirky, unpredictable, original, imaginative, free-spirited, funny, titillating,...

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Cameroonian author Imbolo Mbue, is being honoured with The Blue Metropolis Words to Change Prize ($5,000 to an author whose work upholds the values of intercultural understanding and social inclusion) for her debut novel Behold the Dreamers.

Women front and centre at this year’s Blue Metropolis Literary...

Its series Women & Words highlights women authors who continue to be under-represented and under-valued. As part of the...

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Clybourne Park

Of Property Values and Prejudice

Clybourne Park is a two-act play about racism and the politics of race, but also about integration, social structure,...

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Last Night at the Gayety

Last Night at the Gayety an entertaining look back at Montreal’s...

Last Night at the Gayety is also about breaking free of conventions and surroundings, religious moralizing, and...

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The Empty Yellers: ‘Our identity isn’t based on the fact...

"My mom can't resist suggesting I go back to school every week or so, but she loves the music enough to overlook the...

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Butcher: a thrilling whodunit you shouldn’t miss!

Butcher is such a nail-biter, such a fast, slick, funny, and effortless-to-watch whodunit, it begged the Globe & Mail...

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State of Denial

State of Denial delivers a powerful punch

Heavy, didactic plays can often be preachy and slow-paced in tone, preferring to focus on the instructional aspect of...

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Adventures 3

Centaur Theatre goes searching for God in season opener

There are references to the War of 1812 and Captain Runchy’s Company of Coloured Men, a little-known military unit of...

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Fundraiser For Local Artist Co-operative

Support your local arts community

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