Cameroonian author Imbolo Mbue, is being honoured with The Blue Metropolis Words to Change Prize ($5,000 to an author whose work upholds the values of intercultural understanding and social inclusion) for her debut novel Behold the Dreamers.

Women front and centre at this year’s Blue Metropolis Literary...

Its series Women & Words highlights women authors who continue to be under-represented and under-valued. As part of the...

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Clybourne Park

Of Property Values and Prejudice

Clybourne Park is a two-act play about racism and the politics of race, but also about integration, social structure,...

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The Empty Yellers: ‘Our identity isn’t based on the fact...

"My mom can't resist suggesting I go back to school every week or so, but she loves the music enough to overlook the...

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Ken James Stewart & Ensemble (Duddy Kravitz Musical) - Photo by Maxime Côté (2)

Duddy really needs to be somebody – at the expense of everybody

Despite the noble origins of his ambition, despite his incessant need to prove himself to his father, Duddy, as...

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DanceNaked.Lust_Marriage.EleanorOBrien.Naked.Clothed.LloydLemmermanPhoto (2)

Lust and Marriage – a love story about… non-monogamy?

When a Burning Man fling turned out to be the love of her life, she thought she had found her happy ending. But her...

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Cootie Catcher - No title (2)

Let’s talk about sex (ually transmitted diseases), baby!

We see a lot of comical reference to sexually transmissible infections in pop culture, but usually they come from a...

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Ought - Habit

Songs of 2014: Ought – Habit

Is it too early to call my favourite song of 2014?

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Hannibal the Musical gives Montreal’s special needs adults the...

What I love the most about this group is its ability to diffuse and breakdown stereotypes around special needs...

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Arcade Fire - CBS Sunday Morning

The Epic Sound of Arcade Fire

If you are one of the few people who still hasn't affiliated themselves with the music of Arcade Fire, CBS aired a...

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Venus in Fur: A deliciously sexy start to Centaur’s 46th season

Venus in Fur doesn’t just start the Centaur’s 46th season on a sexy note; it sizzles for 90 minutes straight and...

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