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No French songs in Canadian CD set is absolutely proof of...

There are plenty of examples of Quebec being mistreated by Canada, and I like to believe that I'm quick to point them...

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Parc safari

Prayer should be private say people who flaunt their faith in public

By on 05 July 1 Comment

Criticizing Quebec isn’t hating Quebec

By on 27 June 3 Comments
Marc Demers, Mayor of Laval

When fighting domestic violence against women doesn’t even enjoy...

Passing a motion in support of female victims of domestic violence shouldn’t be controversial and refusing to do is...

By on 06 April 0 Comments

Bombardier execs should slash their bonuses – not defer them

There is something extremely distasteful about seeing those exorbitant salaries and bonuses of Bombardier’s top...

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Scott Eisen - Getty Images - AFP

History Repeated: Trump, the Holocaust, and our New Rules

Apparently we've entered a time of simple words said loudly, of evocation of base emotions. How does one combat the...

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Strange Days: A Canadian in TrumpLand

Donald Trump for President? Only in America. A Canadian tries to get his head around the impossible.

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Immigrants at Ellis Island. (credit: searlecanada.org)

Nobel Prize winners or not, immigrants have always given more than...

Immigration is not a benevolent and magnanimous service, it’s not charity bestowed upon inferior foreigners with...

By on 11 October 2 Comments

Colin Kaepernick and Dissent in America

What is the truer measure of a patriot? One who will gloss over their nation’s ills and pay it obligatory honor? Or...

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Defend Milo Yiannopoulos Even If You Don’t Want To

Free speech is a principle we will defend to the death, until perhaps we don’t agree with what has been said. Then,...

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