Celebrity Troll

Peaches Geldof - Katie Hopkins

If disrespecting the dead or gaining weight just to taunt people didn’t already cement Katie Hopkins’s status as the world’s most abhorrent troll, her recent series of tweets have.

The woman who made her name by being the most intolerable Apprentice contestant ever took to Twitter recently to tackle some of the week’s top news stories, with each tweet clearly designed to get a reaction from as many of her 264,000 followers as possible.

It seems, however, that Hopkins may have gone too far this time, even by her own callous standards. On the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine she advocates restarting the “the bombing campaign” after referring to Palestinians as “filthy rodents”. These comments came sandwiched between various other tweets, all bearing her trademark ignorance, and caused many Twitter-users to draw parallels with a growing number of criminal cases brought against people for their conduct on social media.

She has since gone on to defend a convicted rapist as well as a comedian who has come under severe scrutiny for his misogynistic routine. Even the comedian in question has denounced his own behaviour, going as far as to kill off his alter-ego on last night’s edition of Newsnight.

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