A Friendly Reminder


It’s been a tough week. Robin Williams left us. Young men of color are still being shot by those meant to protect them. Missouri is burning with race riots and police brutality. The same talking heads bark us into the same corners.

Again and again and over and over the same issues keep showing their ugly shadows. It’s an old movie we are very tired of seeing. It’s as if no matter how many steps forward we take there is always some rearwards momentum pulling us half a step back, a self-made and self-sustaining inertia desperate to hold us in place, believing it’s somewhere safer. We are frightened children tip-toeing the edge.

There is much to say. But for now it’s Friday and we need something to lift us out of the muck, above the ugly, and remind us why we bother.

Hot Chip – Let Me Be Him

Listen to it loud and listen to it all. Check it out.


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