What Happened to my country?!

Black Friday at Asda

When I left the UK over two and a half years ago, Black Friday was nothing more than the last Friday before Christmas where everyone who worked in some sort of 9-5 job hit the pubs and clubs to get wasted and everyone who worked in the hospitality industry tried to get through the day without quitting their job.

Now, it seems that some UK retailers have adopted the Black Friday made infamous by retailers in the United States, who hail the day after Thanksgiving as the start of the Christmas shopping season, offering pseudo deals and exaggerated discounts to bring about scenes like this.

Yesterday, UK consumers done their best impression of all this, trampling over each other to get to discounted televisions, no matter how terrible the brand.

Stores were forced to close across the country, people were kicked and trampled on, wrists were broken and fights sparked, meaning police – who probably have better things to do – were called to retail outlets around the country to calm things down and, in some cases, arrest people.

This all made me die inside a little – I think we collectively died inside a little as a nation yesterday after the way people behaved to get cheap gifts for their family or, more likely, for themselves.

It was up to Aldi to take the moral high ground – yes, Aldi! – who gave no further discounts yesterday, and who took to Twitter to claim that at Aldi, every Friday is Black Friday.