Osheaga – mini music review

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Volcano Choir

Volcano Choir is Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon’s other project. My headphones played “Byegone” over and over and over this year and I am a better human being for it. The fact that you don’t know this song is the reason why the music industry sucks balls. Listen to this track, all of it, alone. If you don’t feel a bit closer to the divine then you’re already dead.

PS: if you don’t know Bon Iver, you should, more beautiful music you will not find


Jack White

A mutant baby of vampire Johnny Depp and Jimmy Hendricks, Jack White is an old school blues garage rocker. His current solo work is a continuation of The White Stripes ethos.

And yeah, you think you know the White Stripes because you heard Seven Nation Army on the radio. No. You don’t know them. This is why Jack White rules. Blues spirit while endlessly shredding an electric.


Laurent Garnier

The mid to late 1990’s was, in my humble opinion, the heyday of House music. This saxophone sexiness from Laurent Garnier was big on the soundtrack of my early driving downtown days. It captures the spirit of house music. You know what I’m talking about if you know what I’m talking about.



This Scottish electro pop band has done pretty well for themselves since launching their debut album in 2013. This track is my fav, was my alarm ring tone for a bit.


Lykke Li

A full set of Swedish heartbreak. I just started listening to this acclaimed new album, and so far it’s hauntingly lovely.


There’s a lot of new music at Osheaga this year, if you have any tips, send them over.