Resurrecting a Willie Nelson song… fifty years later.


I grew up on country music. My mom loved listening to it and so I learned to love listening to it, too.

And while I enjoy the pop-laden sounds of new country, there is just something magical and pure about the old country twang stuff. And I suspect a lot of music newcomers tend to get their inspiration from some of these classics. Those first few opening minutes sound a whole lot like popular group Timber Timbre, don’t they?

‘Are You Sure’ is a 50-year-old song that first appeared on Willie Nelson’s third album, and is now being resurrected by new country star Kacey Musgrave, who is fast making a solid name for herself among country-music lovers.

She was such a fan of the song that back in 2013 she posted a Facebook message that said: “Are You Sure” – two minutes and 13 seconds of the realest shit you’ll ever here.”

It’s a beautiful Friday afternoon, so here’s a little softness to start off your weekend right.