Roosh V isn’t a threat; he’s just a loser taking advantage of other losers.


I resent spending any time on controversial blogger and self-proclaimed “seduction artist” Roosh V, but so many people around me are upset and concerned, and are taking him so seriously, I simply had to comment.

Stop wasting your time on a con artist who FEEDS OFF your hate. You are giving him exactly what he wants and needs in order to continue affording to do this.

Last time I checked, 13,000 outraged people had signed the petition. A measly 40 people have registered for his event. Who, out of the two groups, is giving him the most free publicity?

Out of a city of 2 million people, 40 idiots have signed up.

Forty people at an average ticket price of $75 equals $3,000.

Now subtract the costs ($400-$1,000) of renting a small conference room in downtown Montreal (he attempted the OMNI Hotel and they cancelled his reservation), the cost of his airplane ticket ($500), the cost of accommodation in Montreal ($500), and you don’t have to be a math wizard to quickly realize that this guy is barely covering his costs during his wildly touted “WORLD TOUR”. (A WORLD TOUR that only includes six cities – four of which are in North America, by the way).

Roosh, your world is small, man. I’ve had vacations longer than that…

What I’m trying to say with all this is that this man does not make money off his speaking engagements. He makes money off the controversy, the ensuing publicity, and the books he sells afterwards.

And he’s cashed in because he realized two things early on:

a) There are tons of lonely, sad, frustrated men who need someone to “understand”, “justify”, and “feed” their insecurities.

b) There are tons of people (men and women) who will immediately have a visceral reaction to his hateful over-the-top misogynistic nonsense.

In fact, he’s counting on both to survive.

I can’t control the first group. I can feel extremely sorry for them, because they are men who need help and support, and instead are getting the dangerous and misleading “advice” of a man who is selling them “meet & greets” and “how-to-bang” books, but I can’t tell them not to read them or attend his speeches. People will find a way to read and attend what they want to.

I can, however, control the second group, or at least attempt to, by at least warning them of the obvious pitfalls of making the mistake of thinking that someone like Roosh V is dangerous.

I don’t think he’s dangerous. I think he’s a loser.

Preying on other losers to make a quick buck.

He’s also a weak human being who hides behind his “tough guy” act, but is actually terrified of any real dialogue or debate with strong women. It’s actually very telling that a number of female journalists reached out to him for an interview (myself included) and yet the only interview he gave was to Eric Duhaime, a conservative male pundit who believes that censorship is totalitarian, so he figured he’d have an ally in him. Even Duhaime strongly rejected and criticized Roosh V’s justification of rape on private property (which he, in typical cowardly fashion tried to skirt around as being a “thought experiment”), but Roosh doesn’t speak French so he had no clue what Duhaime was saying.

The funny thing is, censorship is probably the only thing Duhaime and I agree on. When Julien Blanc, another self-proclaimed pick-up artist (yes, there’s more than one out there…) was denied entry to Canada, I wrote a piece for the National Post arguing that he should be let in.

“What should most worry us here is not one professional creep giving the seminars, but the many men so misguided, so incapable of seeing women as deserving-of-respect human beings, and so terribly misinformed about basic human relationships, that they are willing to spend upwards of $3,000 to listen to the drivel of a guy who teaches us that shoving your crotch in a woman’s face is going to make her fall madly in love with you.

It’s not by banning this sort of expression that we eradicate the underlying attitude. Such material deserves the full, unflinching glare of sunlight, whereby it can be methodically refuted and destroyed.”

Despite my misgivings, and despite my suspicions that this man is all bark and no bite, I contacted him for an interview. But the mere fact that I own a vagina was enough to make me suspicious in this poor man’s eyes. He immediately refused. Yet he went around on social media claiming that no one had the balls to debate him.

Complete and utter bullshit.

When I messaged him, I very cordially (and without hiding the fact that I’m a feminist and that I find his discourse disturbing) requested to attend the event or interview him (in print or on radio).

His response?

As lame as it was predictable.


The dude who charges guys anywhere from $60 to $100 to listen to his sexist drivel, felt compelled to “charge” me $5,000 for covering his event. Since we all know that media doesn’t pay to cover events, this was nothing but a snarky response that (in his mind) makes him look cool (you can’t fool me… I know what you Feminazis are up to), but in reality simply serves to confirm what I already suspected about this guy.

He’s weak. He’s a keyboard warrior who hides behind one of the most hateful (and frankly, badly written) blogs out there. He’s brave enough to throw around threats to women who call him out, and he’s ok with making cheesy videos in some cheap motel room, where he tells men how to “smash” and “bang” “9’s and 10’s”. Yes, he talks like that. Like a 12-year-old who just discovered what his dick is for and can’t wait to look more worldly next to his hot 15-year-old female cousin visiting for the summer.

He talks like an immature, ineloquent, below average looking 35-year-old guy who probably failed miserably at dating (and “scoring”) a long time ago and has a lot of pent up frustration and anger about it.

There are others out there like him.

But Roosh V decided to do something with that frustration.

Roosh V woke up one day and had a brilliant business idea. He realized that there were other frustrated, lonely, angry men out there who blamed women for their problems. And he knew how he could cash in on that, because who better than someone who understands and can manipulate them?

As is usually the case with these online trolls and keyboard warriors, they rarely have the balls to actually engage in debate. They just pretend they do, and the poor disturbed individuals who would pay $100 for his relationship advice on “why to date a girl with eating disorders” and other such delightful tidbits, buy it hook, line, and sinker.

Petitions to ban him from appearing actually increase his visibility and caché among the MRA movement and judging by how he religiously retweets every single mention of himself, he thrives on the attention.

He claims not to post the exact location of his speeches because “ugly feminist mobs” might show up, but considering only 40-50 people actually show up each time, he might as well be hosting them in his mother’s basement.

This guy is a loser who has built a business on taking advantage of other losers.

It’s sad, it’s hateful, and the writer in me is fascinated by what makes people like this tick and what personal shortcomings he’s trying to compensate for with his fake bravado and tough-guy machismo, but at the end of the day I’m not signing any petitions and I’m not attempting to get him banned.

That would presuppose that he’s dangerous. And he’s just another bro with an internet connection, an unimaginative gimmick, too many lonely nights spent in messy hotel rooms, and terrible, terrible writing skills.

Any man with a rudimentary knowledge of gender equality, a healthy sex life, and a sense of happiness and success over their life would cringe at what his website advocates.

Signing a petition against him would be like me signing a petition against the dog turd I accidentally stepped on this morning at the park. I would have to surmise that the turd was dangerous and that signing a petition against it would prevent me from encountering it again.

The world is full of dog turds. Smart people learn to walk around them, really nice people warn you about them, and everyone moves on with their lives. You can try to educate people about how you shouldn’t leave dog turds for others to step on, but there are always going to be a few assholes who won’t care. Such is life.

Feminism has so many vital issues to tackle, I refuse to waste my valuable time on increasing the visibility of a con artist who relishes every mention of himself online. It’s the only way he remains on anyone’s radar. Ignore him. I’m sure it’s what the first woman he was interested in did, because that’s the kind of self-entitled revenge-porn reaction insecure men like him resort to when denied what they want.

For the record, I completely understand why people are upset and signing petitions. I understand the impulse. His website is vile and rife with misogyny, homophobia, and fat shaming. It’s geared to “outrage bait” you. And the more you share, the more you make him the subject of news and petitions, the more money he makes, and the more deluded he gets about his importance.  People like this would rather be hated than ignored. He needs your attention.

But if you put down the hate for a minute and take a good, hard look at what he writes, you will see how corny and amateurish he is. To comment on his blog you have to answer a question. The question? Are feminists ugly? (Really? What are you, five, dude?)

He called his attempt to shame the women who organized the petition against him “Operation Medusa” and used the hashtage #BattleofMontreal. I’m sorry, guys, but I couldn’t even get mad; I was too busy laughing. This bravado and over-the-top machismo from some guy sitting by himself at Café Les Affamés (yes, most of us already knew where he was… it’s just that my work deadlines and you know… life, prevented me from sabotaging “Operation Medusa” which, by the likes of that picture circulating on social media, involved ordering another latte and re-tweeting everything everyone was saying about him.

What Roosh V advocates and thinks is acceptable in his version of “neomasculinity” is vile and no self-respecting, well-adjusted man would even look twice at the nonsense he writes about. There  is a real conversation to be had about issues that affect men in today’s world, as well as how changing perceptions and expectations have complicated the pursuit of love for some, but Roosh V isn’t the one to have it.

He’s not interested in men’s social status or emotional well being. He’s not interested in furthering and advancing human relations. He’s interested in his pocket book and feeding his delusions of grandeur. This guy gets a hard-on when he hears there’s a petition against him because it means someone (anyone) is paying attention to him – even in the form of hate.

He’s rather sad. And so he attracts the similarly sad. But there is little we can do about it. There will always be ill-adjusted, hateful, socially awkward human beings who will be quick to blame their failures and inability to find companionship on others and a mean and unjust world. Feminism has become an easy scapegoat for these people because it’s added another level of inequality (by in fact advocating for equality, which makes it tougher for those counting on inequality to succeed) to their “woe is me” game.

Signing a petition to ban someone from entering a country when he’s already in Montreal accomplishes nothing. Censorship is never the answer. Pointing the spotlight on these trolls, quickly acknowledging what they are, laughing in their general direction, and moving on to more constructive things, is in my opinion the best approach. For those wondering why I wasted 2,000 words on him, I didn’t. I only wrote this for you. The ones upset and angered. The ones who feel they need to do something. I share your indignation, but not your solution.

So, tomorrow, while “Operation Revelation” is going on (yes, he just came up with another one early this morning, and come Sunday morning I’m sure Operation Hangover and Self Loathing will be in full effect) and he’s prepping for a sad meeting of 40 (most of my Sunday BBQs usually include more people), and a protest is brewing somewhere in town, I’m going to be reading Joan Didion by the pool.

Because summer in Montreal is short and sweet, they’re forecasting a high of 25C, I have friends,  family, and a career I adore, and my sex life is pretty damn satisfying. Which means I don’t need to hate anyone. I wish the same for Roosh V one day.

  • Cornbread

    One small correction – there are thousands of men who will attest that Roosh has tangibly improved their lives. Not by offering them company in their misery, but by giving them the direction and impetus to improve themselves across the board–socially, physically, professionally, emotionally, etc.

    To the author – Is it possible that through the narrow prism of your beliefs and experience you can’t see Roosh’s real appeal? (Yes.) Is it possible that the post above is lazy, incurious, and says more about your own blinders than it does about Roosh & his readers? (Again, yep.)

    • SatJ

      He’s a loser who tells men to accept that they’re pathetic losers and that the only way they can have sex is by putting women down. There’s no uplifting of men, no improvement of lives, just sad losers hiding behind their keyboards whining about how girls don’t like them.

      Where are these “thousands of men”? Roosh can barely attract dozens of people to his events.

      I know it’s hard to admit that you’re a sucker but you are. Sucks to be you, loser.

      • Cornbread

        lmao at the lack of self-awareness required to troll online comment sections accusing others of being “sad losers hiding behind their keyboards,” nicely done SatJ, you wouldn’t happen to be a projectionist by profession, would you?

        • SatJ

          It ain’t trolling when it’s true.

          • Sam

            it’s trolling if you’re a butthurt cunt

        • SatJ

          And, seriously, “I know you are but what am I?” is the best you can do?

          • Cornbread

            jfc you came back 10 minutes later to post this? cmon pal, you made yourself sound like a dumbass online, we’ve all been there, you just gotta let it go.

  • Kid Strangelove

    Why Roosh wins – You call his followers names, he tries to help them

    • SatJ

      Ripping them off isn’t helping them.

  • Toby_yboT

    Publicity will only get his foot in the door, so to speak. Articles like this one will lead neutral and moderate audiences to review the material themselves out of curiosity. When they find that the material has been grossly mis-characterized, curiosity will be piqued further. The attention from the left is much like the old “Reefer Madness” videos, which make the propaganda pushers look foolish the first time someone has a real experience with the subject.

    The reason that Roosh’s blog continues to gain followers, and his forum gains members, and his books sell copies, is because the neutral audience I referred to finds useful information and encounters a positive community that is interested in helping them succeed. Meanwhile Roosh is not making himself fortune 500 here, his followers can do similar math as well, and realize he’s not out to get rich but mostly to cover costs. What’s in it for Roosh? The finance helps him live the life he wants, on his own terms, and he get’s to connect and help other men do the same.

    So come on over. We have history, we’ll help you gain confidence, improve your fitness, have a better sex life and social life. The feminists will make fun of you and get off on the schadenfreude of you being, to quote the author, a “loser”. The MRAs are in a fruitless chase to convince feminism to broaden their fight for “equality”. The MGTOWs are just lonely and spend their time complaining about what they supposedly want nothing to do with. Roosh and the self-improvement pick-up community want to help you help yourself.

  • Thomas Hobbes

    Hey Toula

    I see someone else he already commented that there are thousands of men who will attest that Roosh has improved their lives. If I may, I’d like to be one of them. I think my story’s pretty typical, though perhaps more serious than most.

    When I graduated high school I was, I’ll fully admit, your classic high-school loser, freshly arrived at uni. Any stereotype about lonely nerds, I’d fill it. I didn’t understand people. I didn’t have a clue about girls. I had great difficulty making friends. In complete fucking honesty, think Elliot Rodgers.

    The worst part was that, like many young men, I had absolutely no clue why. For years I was depressed, contemplating suicide, went from therapist to therapist, at risk of failing school, etc. My parents were at a loose end.

    When it happened, I’d say Elliot Rodgers was one of the few people in the world I felt real empathy with. After the shooting, I watched some of his videos, read some of his manifesto. Everyone was outraged about it. Violence against women! and so on.

    I sat there thinking, Christ, this guy’s just a slightly older version of me. This could become me.

    I don’t know if that was it, but fortunately, around that time, I found the manosphere. I can’t quite remember how I stumbled across it, but the first article on Return of Kings that really spoke to me was this one –

    Honestly, it blew me away. I was an instant convert.

    Since then, I’ve delved deep into the Manosphere, and have actually been writing for ROK for the past year now under the pseudonym ‘Thomas Hobbes’ –

    Since then, its like a veil has been lifted. People make fun of the analogy ‘swallowing the red pill’ but Christ, it really does seem to have this zen-like quality about it. For the past year for instance, I don’t think I’ve cried once, when I used to sob like a little shit.

    I’m not afraid of approaching girls. I don’t walk into a room shaking with anxiety anymore. I’ve learned many of the intricacies of making friends. I’ve been going out and actually doing things – whether its joining a footy team, getting off my ass and looking for a better job, joining the army reserve, putting some pride into my appearance.

    I realized you’ve only got one life, and you can’t just sit around on tumblr all day complaining about ‘mansplaining’. For some specifics on my personal story, there’s this article –

    Now I’m not saying things are perfect, but I’ll put this very simply – I could have been the next Elliot Rodgers.

    I’m not kidding. I’m not being a troll. I’m dead fucking serious.

    So in other words – I just about owe my life to these guys.

    Roosh does push the boundaries of good taste (though I believe that whole ‘legalize rape’ article is a modern ‘modest proposal’). I’m not saying I’d take a bullet for him, we’re not that much of a cult, but if he ever came to Australia he could definitely crash on my couch, regardless of how many feminazis were knocking on the front door.

    The manosphere serves a useful purpose. There’s millions of men out there getting screwed over by entitled young women, a biased court system, false accusations and a stifling culture of political correctness. Why else have 125,000 people signed up for the RedPill on Reddit?

    I almost feel like saying ‘a revolution is coming’ but I concede that might be a bit much. This is a slow burn movement, sort of like a real life fight club, and I’m honoured to be at the centre of it.

    Anyway, that’s all from me. Its 1am and honest-to-god, I’m off to the gym. Temple to the human body or house of vanity, its another thing I’ve started doing regularly, and its precisely because I don’t think my skinny ass is entitled to women.

    After years of singleness, I can vouch that they certainly judge us at every moment of every day. Feminism has deregulated the sexual marketplace, and if we ever want to succeed in life and procreate, young men need to give today’s young women something worth purchasing.

    Challenge accepted

    Thomas Hobbes

    • Poldi Blahetka

      That was remarkable. And unsurprising that all those who see in black and white failed to acknowledge it.

      They seem not to realize that Roosh and others DO encourage men to improve themselves, and many respond by trying, for the first time in their lives. Yeah, some of what he writes is exceptionally misogynist, but so much of it is obviously tongue-in-cheek. He’s a throwback, in a way, to a time when there was modesty, which is hard to believe unless you actually read what he writes instead of just excoriating him.

    • Daniela Cardoso

      Ah, so the world should feel sorry for a guy who felt so deserving of something that he believed he could murder women because he had been rejected. no one owed him or you anything. The only one who seems entitled is you and all those pathetic men on ten manosphere, what ridiculous vacabulary you guys have! hahah not these

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  • lMattW

    I disagree with some points but you’re definitely right about roosh making money off of the controversy. I really don’t understand people who spend so much effort hating on someone else, trying to bring down this one guy in his little corner of the internet. Who has the time for that when there are a million other far more interesting things to do in this world? Shows who the real losers are in this situation.

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  • Sam

    Psh, another fugly, feminazi, 167-pound Americunt butthurt cuz a guy said the simple truth! Truth hurts!

  • hamishbond1959

    Although Roosh V is not what I would call a babe-magnet by any stretch of the imagination, and certainly does not represent me; I also checked out some of the feminist anti-Roosh protests/movements online. What I found, is that the feminists attending the protests had one thing in common – all ugly, in addition to 1/2 definitely lesbian and the remaining therianthrope’s were odd to say the least exploiting their tie-die hair, strange tattoos, nose-rings and a plethora of other anti-social statements and all-out-weirdness. I am sorry, however, Roosh’s crowd looks tame in comparison to these feminist freaks.

  • hamishbond1959

    Roosh V has tapped into a very sensitive market. Firstly, it is well known that feminism (in all forms) has done more to desecrate American tradition and value system than any other collectivist movement. Roosh V is correct on this, and he has been successful by tapping into and developing a following of American men wronged by this collectivist movement in society, However, Roosh has additionally tapped into, the mommy’s-basement PC key-board nerd, fat-balding, comb-over loser with their best days behind them, and the infamous bugger-picking benchwarmer (sorry, that last one was a little gross). In short, Roosh V travels through Eastern Europe, articulating which countries are easiest for the underbelly of our “men” population to get laid. It is sad really. He identifies countries economically struggling, as targets for his bugger-harvesting lot of social benchwarmers. I visited his forum the other day to see what the raucous was all about, and it was “revenge of the nerds” on steroids. It would have been hysterical, were it not such a pathetic lot, and quite sad honestly. If they only realized how Roosh laughs and exploits them. What I found interesting, Roosh, King of the booger-eaters could not get laid in the Ukraine?! LOL, this is the first I have heard of a young America man traveling to Eastern Europe and being unable to score a woman. Then – he writes a book about his total failures in Ukraine (Bang Ukraine), and his blind band of misfits buy it. I would laugh were this not so pathetic. I was an engineering consultant in Kiev, Ukraine for 1-1/2 years involved in the planning and design of the Ocean Plaza Mall and can assure you that there were many young American men on my team dating a different lady every week, without even making an effort. Considering Roosh V spends all his time traveling 3rd world countries begging for a blow-job, and from what I can tell has only succeeded twice, should send up flares that this gentleman is the poster boy of loser. I believe some big schnozed Polish woman from Warsaw took mercy on him (Sheldon Cooper could get laid here for crying out loud). Worse however, are those who follow him. The common target Roosh V offers is feminism, again, no one will argue that feminism will ultimately be the death of the west. However, Roosh preying on those adversely affected by this disease, makes him nothing more than the worst of bottom-feeders.

  • Daniela Cardoso

    Wow, so many men commenting here are so desperate and pathetic. Well, what do I expect from fanboys of RooshV, one of the most ridiculous and stupid man today?! haha… I hope these poor little boys grow up someday, is very sad for someone with your age whining on the internet about how these wicked women who are not capable of loving.